Simple Easter Floral Centrepiece

Easter Decorations

Seeing all the chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs immediately after Christmas made me instinctively block anything to do with Easter till recently.   Now that there are less than three weeks left, I can put my guard down.

My first post on the Easter theme is this simple floral centrepiece.  No, I’m not soooo organised this year, this photo is from previous Easter :-).


You’ll need:

  • container
  • wet floral foam
  • glass or jar
  • grass with roots
  • flowers, cut or potted
  • coloured eggs
  1. For a start, you need a container of any size and shape you like.  I chose a rectangular stainless steel box.
  2. Soak a piece of wet floral foam in water and place it on one side.  If your container isn’t waterproof, put the foam into a plastic bag and secure sides with a rubber band leaving the top free.
  3. In the other corner put a glass or jar for your flowers.
  4. Take a bunch of grass together with roots from your garden, mondo grass from the nursery or any other living grass or plant you wish and place it on top of the floral foam.  Water it regularly.
  5. Place the flowers in the glass or jar filled with water.  You can use potted flowers instead.  Tulips are my preferred Easter flowers.
  6. To finish, place a few coloured Easter eggs on the grass.  And this cute wooden ladybird made a great finishing touch.

Easter day flower centrepiece

This gorgeous Easter centrepiece is really easy to make and will last for several weeks!

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