Environmentally friendly gift wrapping

Wrapping presents is half the fun of giving. But the amount of wrapping paper after Christmas is huge and adds to the pile of rubbish we produce during festive season. Have a thought about the wrapping materials and how to minimize waste.

Environmentally friendly gift wrapping ideas:

  • Children’s artwork as wrapping paper
  • Brown compostable paper, plain or printed
  • Big green leaves
  • Tea towels or other fabrics
  • Decorated brown bags
  • Old street directories or maps
  • Reused gift wrap
  • Recyclable paper
  • Boxes that can have another useful purpose later
  • Cookie tins
  • Twine, hemp, raffia, strips of contrasting paper or paper ribbons instead of conventional ribbon (no need for sticky tape)
  • If using sticky tape, use environmental friendly, biodegradable one

Gift tags with a difference:

  • Christmas cookies with piped names
  • Old Christmas cards
  • Recipient’s photo
  • A leaf
  • Kids’ craft
  • Pine cones
  • Tags form 100% recyclable paper with vegetable ink
  • Tags that support a charity
  • Personalized handcrafted tags
  • Magazines cutouts

Let your imagination go wild… and environmental friendly

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