How do I iron clothes only once per fortnight

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Having two children and being short on time I’ve found ways to reduce considerably my ironing pile. I like ironing, but thought I could use that time more effectively. These simple tips evolved after countless loads of washing put on the line – if you have children, you know what I’m talking about.

Here they are:

1. First and most important tip: hang the washing out as soon as the washing cycle has finished! Every minute the clothes are waiting wet in the washing machine makes them more crushed.

2. Shake the clothes vigorously several times before pegging them on the line (or inside on the foldable drying rack /airer). Smooth with your palms after hanging.

3. Start with items that crease most and leave socks and underwear last. During drying clothes will straighten even more.

4. Avoid using clothes dryer if you own one: over dried washing is even harder to iron plus the savings in electricity and CO2 emission are considerable. Hang the washing outside – sun and wind are free.

5. Flip the garments over the line (see photo) instead of hanging at the corners – this way they’ll stay in shape. Alternatively, put the shirts, dresses etc. on a coat hanger

6. 1000 rpm is enough to wring the washing properly. I found the washing creases more if the spinning speed is above 1000 rpm (rotations per minute), thus more items need ironing

7. Fold the dried washing straight from the line instead just throwing it in the basket – very important! Even if you in a hurry (e.g. it’s started to rain) it’s better to fold it quickly in half.

8. Stretch the items slightly as you fold holding at opposite corners. That will help straightening them even more as will the body heat while wearing. And

9. Last but not least: iron only what is absolutely necessary! Ironing towels, tea towels, jeans, bed linen, sleepwear, underwear and similar is waste of time and energy in my opinion.

Although I have a steam iron, I find ironing easier the old fashioned way:

I spray the clothing lightly with water in which I add a few drops of lavender essential oil for a nice smell and leave it rolled for about 10 minutes before ironing. This way the ironing is a breeze and the garments are perfectly ironed with very little effort.

Following these easy steps (most of the time) I only iron every second week. During the fortnight, I neatly pile all the items and on average there are only 10 pieces waiting (it helps that my husband doesn’t require shirts at work).

And the bonus:

  • Freed up time
  • Lower energy usage
  • Reduced greenhouse emission
  • More money in your pocket

Do you iron clothes? Plese share your ironing tips in the comments!

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