How to make apple fritters

how-to-make -apple-fritters

Apple fritters are quick and easy to make and can be eaten warm or cold. They are healthy sweet treats for lunchboxes, a desert that never fails to please surprise visitors.

My late grandma made apple fritters very often in autumn. She had several apple trees with big brownish, slightly tart apples. The smell and the taste of warm apple fritters bring back wonderful memories of my grandma and days spent with her.

For this recipe, I use Granny Smith apples as they are slightly tart and stay firm after frying, but you can use any apples you have. If the apples are organic or otherwise you are sure they haven’t been sprayed or coated with wax, no need to peel them. The batter can be made with or without eggs.


1 cup self raising flour (or 1cup plain flour with 1/2 teaspoon bicarb soda)

½ cup milk

pinch of salt

2-3 Granny Smith apples

oil for frying

icing (confectionery) sugar, cinnamon

Apple fritters pictured above are fried in batter without egg. Egg batter will be puffier: use 1 egg to 1 cup of flour and reduce the milk quantity to 1/3 cup. Also, I don’t add any sugar to the butter as it burns easily, but rather dust it after frying.


To make batter, mix flour (and bicarb soda if using plain flour), salt and half the quantity of milk required. Using whisker, mix into thick batter and then add remaining milk. This way batter will be smooth, free of clumps and it’s easier to control the thickness. Set aside.


Wash and dry the apples, then core and slice them into 1 cm (1/3 inch) thick slices.


Heat a heavy based pan with oil 1 cm deep. Dip apple slices into batter, shake the excess and fry till golden brown, approx. 2-3 min. Turn carefully and fry the other side.

When cooked, drain on the paper towel and dust liberally with icing (confectionery) sugar and cinnamon.

Serve warm or cold if you prefer. Enjoy!

Please share your thoughts and tips on apple fritters in the comments.

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  1. carol says

    I am looking for the kind of apple fritter you mix all together with chopped up apple, dropped in fry pan and then fry. I get them at Ingles Bakery, but they are saturated with grease and lots of powdered sugar glaze mixture–not that healthy. I suppose I can improvise with your recipe here. thank you.

    • Vesna says

      You’re welcome Carol.

      I sometimes grate the apple and mix into the batter, then fry in the pan. Finely chopped apple would work the same way. Hope the fritters turn out well and are even better (and healthier) than those from the bakery!

  2. blue says


    Your recipe looks like just what I was searching for. We went to a local orchard today and got some fresh apple fritters like these. Deeelicious! I’m just wondering how you usually store yours—refrigerate, cool room, regular room? And how long do they keep?

    Thank you!

    • Vesna says

      Hi blue,

      Apple fritters don’t usually last long at our house! You might leave them at room temperature the day you made them, but for longer I would keep them in the fridge. They would last there at least 2-3 days.

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